Welcome Back to the 2012-2013 School Year!


Program Overview

After School Matters is an education based program that strives to improve students acedemics. Monday thru Thursday our day consists of 30-45 minutes of homework help. Daily spelling tests of what the teachers call "no excuse words". Daily Rocket Math. Which are 2 minute math tests. For the other 45 minutes we plan an educational enrichment activity. We also have at least one day a week of computer lab and 2 days of gym time. Friday is what we call our "Fun Day". Weather permitting, we go outside for 30 minutes and then come in and do an activity.We do not do home work on Fridays unless a student's teacher tells us they are behind. That student will stay in and work on their homework. I hope this overview of the program helps with any questions you may have.

Our Before School Program runs from 6:30am until the bell rings. We are implementing a more educational aspect to our BSM program. The students will be working on their site words and doing rocket math during the program. We will also be doing more educational activities.